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The process of aging (elderly) is a natural process that accompanied the decline of their physical, psychological and social interact with each other. The situation is likely to potentially cause health problems in general and specifically the mental health of the elderly. Mental health problems in the elderly as well as health issues are discussed in geriatric patients and Psikogeriatri which is part of Gerontology, the science that studies all aspects and problems of the elderly, covering aspects of physiological, psychological, social, cultural, economic and other ( Depkes.RI, 1992:6)

Geriatrics is the branch of medical science that studies health issues concerning the elderly promotof aspects, preventive, curative and rehabilitative and psychosocial services that accompany the life of the elderly. While Psikogeriatri is the branch of medical science that studies life in elderly mental health problems related to aspects promotof, preventive, curative and rehabilitative and psychosocial services that accompany the life of the elderly.

There are 4 traits that can be categorized as geriatric patients and Psikogeriatri, namely:

1. Limitations of body functions associated with the increasing age.
2. The accumulation of degenerative diseases
3. Advanced age is expressed psychosocial crisis if: a) Dependence on others (very needed service to others), b) Isolating yourself or withdrawing from social activities because of various reasons, including after menajalani retirement, after a long illness and severe enough, after the death of a spouse and others.
4. Things that may cause disturbance of balance (homeostasis), thus bringing the elderly towards the destruction / deterioration (deteriorisasi) is progressive, especially the sudden psychological aspects, such as confusion, panic, depression, apathy, etc.. It usually comes from the emergence of the most severe psychosocial stressors, such as death of spouse, death of close relatives, forced to deal with law enforcement, or psychic trauma.

There are several factors that affect the psychology of the elderly. These factors should be addressed wisely so that the elderly can enjoy their old age happily. As for some of the factors facing the elderly, which obviously affects their mental health is as follows:

1. Decrease in Physical Condition

After entering a period of elderly people generally begin to feel a presence of physical condition that is pathological regression (multiple pathology), such as reduced energy, decreased energy, the more wrinkled skin, the more tooth loss, bones more fragile, and so on. In general physical condition of a person who has entered the elderly has decreased exponentially. This all may cause interference or physical dysfunction, psychological or social, which in turn can cause a state of dependence to others.

In the life for the elderly to maintain a healthy physical condition, it is necessary to align with the physical needs of the psychological and social conditions, so that inevitably there must be efforts to reduce activities that are memforsir physical. An elderly should be able to adjust its way of life well, such as eating, sleeping, resting and working in a balanced manner.

2. Decrease Sexual Function and Potential

Decreased function and sexual potency in the elderly is often associated with various physical disorders such as cardiovascular disorders, metabolic disorders, eg diabetes millitus, vaginitis, just finished the operation: for example, prostatectomy, malnutrition, due to imperfect digestion or appetite is less, the use of certain medications, such as antihypertensives, steroids, tranquilizer.

Psychological factors that accompany the elderly, among others:

* Sense of taboo or embarrassed when sustain sexual life in elderly
* The attitude of families and communities who lack support and reinforced by tradition and culture.
* Fatigue or boredom from lack of variety in life.
* Couple living dead.
* Sexual dysfunction due to hormonal changes or other mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, dementia, etc..

3. Psychosocial Aspects of Change

In general, after the man entered the elderly then it has decreased cognitive and psychomotor function. Cognitive function involves the process of learning, perception, comprehension, understanding, attention and others that cause reactions and behavior of the elderly becomes increasingly slow. While psychomotor function (conative) covers matters relating to the will of encouragement such as movement, action, coordination, resulting in that the elderly become less nimble.

With a decrease in both functions, the elderly also experience changes in psychosocial aspects related to the state of elderly personality. Some of these changes can be differentiated based on 5 personality types elderly as follows:

1. Constructive Personality Type (Construction personalitiy), usually this type did not experience the turmoil, calm and steady until the very old.
2. Personality Type Mandiri (Independent personality), there is a tendency in this type of experience post-power syndrome, especially in the elderly if not filled with activities that can grant autonomy to himself.
3. Personality Type Depending (Dependent personalitiy), in this type are usually strongly influenced family life, where family life is always in harmony then at the elderly are not volatile, but if the spouse dies, the spouse left behind will be miserable, especially if not immediately rose from her grief.
4. Hostile Personality Type (Hostility personality), in this type after entering the elderly remain dissatisfied with life, many desire that is sometimes not considered carefully so that cause economic conditions to be messy.
5. Personality Type Self Critique (Self Hate personalitiy), the elderly are generally seen this type of passion, because their own behavior hard to help others or tend to create trouble himself.

4. Changes Related Work

In general, this change begins when retirement. Although the pension is the ideal destination for the elderly to enjoy old age or retirement benefits, but in reality often means the opposite, because retirement is often defined as loss of income, position, position, role, activities, status and dignity. Reaction after people retire more depending on the model of personality as described in point three above.

How to get around is not a pension for mental burden after the elderly? The answer really depends on the individual’s mental attitude in the face of retirement. In fact there are receiving, there is a fear of losing, there is a feeling pleased to have the pension and there is also that seems indifferent to retirement (resigned). Each of these attitudes actually have impact on each individual, whether positive or negative. The positive impact is more reassuring themselves elderly and the negative impact would disrupt the well-being of elderly life. To be more positive impact retirement pension preparation should there really be filled with activities to prepare themselves, not only given time to come to work or not to obtain a full salary.

Preparation is done in a planned, organized and focused for each person who will retire. If you need to do an assessment to determine the direction of his interest to keep a clear and positive activities. To plan activities after retirement and the elderly may be entering a period of training that its interest in establishing direction respectively. For example how to be entrepreneurial, how to open their own business are very many types and kinds.

Training model should be practical and immediate visible results so that the conviction of the elderly that in addition to the work that had been practiced, there are other alternatives that are quite promising in the face of old age, so the elderly do not imagine that after retirement they become useless, idle, reduced income and so forth.

5. Changes In Social Role in Society

As a result of reduced function of the sense of hearing, eyesight, physical movement and so it appears functional impairment or even disability in the elderly. For example, his body became bent, greatly diminished hearing, blurred vision and forth so often lead to alienation. It should be prevented by always invite them to do activities, as long as he is still able, so as not to feel alienated or exiled. Because when alienation occurs will increasingly refuse to communicate with others and sometimes continue to appear kdang regression behavior such as crying easily, shut himself, collecting things and useless whining and crying when other people see that their behavior as a child.

In the face of various problems above are generally elderly people who have families of our men (Oriental culture) is still very lucky because a family member such as children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, relatives and even relatives usually help to maintain the (care) with great patience and sacrifice . But for those who have no family or relatives because celibate, or have a spouse but no children and spouses have died, let alone live in his own overseas, often to be neglected.


Tell us about the non-linear, disorientation and cognitive overload associated with the hypertext of a web application?

Before discussing about the issues to be discussed, we must first know the meaning of the hypertext itself:-D. Hypertext is a user interface (user-interface) to display documents that contain references that connect automatically to other documents called Hypelink. Hypertext was first conceived nearly 50 years ago by Vannevar Bus article, As We May Think in the July 1945 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. In the piece, he discusses how society and technology must address the scientific advances that continue to rise post-war America.

Hypertext is a method of storing information in non-linear format that allows access or browsing in the non-linear or random. Documents and applications are locally or from wherever he was with the help of computer networks like the Internet. The most famous implementation of hypertext is the World Wide Web.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language used to write web. The language is used without depending on any one platform, can be used across any platform. The main characteristic is the presence of HTML tags and elements. Elements in an HTML document that is categorized into two <HEAD> element that serves to provide information about the document and <BODY> elements that determine how the contents of a document displayed in the browser. While tags are stated with less than sign “<” (tag beginning) and larger “>” (tag end). In use some HTML tags must be located between the container, which begins with <nametag> and end with </ nametag> (there are signs “/”). To create a document required penyutingan program text (Noteped, gedit, nano, pico, etc.), and a program browser (google chrome or mozilla firefox). It also turned out to HTML is a method of storing information in non-linear format that is providing Internet access or browsing at random. Documents, files or data can reside on the local area, or is at any place or there are also on different servers. And of Hypertext in the implementation of its own World Wide Web.

1. Non-linear: hypertext that does not have a script in a fixed sequence, either temporal or spatial.

* Non-linear

With non-linear nature of hypertext imaginable, certain parts may refer to other parts of the sequence does not match the address given reference. Computers can support different needs in the unstructured domain presents and help users to explore more than one perspective of the topic or issue. For example, a hypertext system that supports the nonlinearity, multi-dimensional media can present complex problems that can not be presented in tradisional.hal system that will make the user become confused. Users will get lost and “lost” in the link its branches so much. Besides, because nothing will hinder the reader in linking two nodes of information and continue with other nodes, then there is the possibility of navigation will end up with an incoherent set of information (Briggs, 1992). Other evidence to say, it is true in the system so lengkapanya hypertextsudah available the required subject matter, but because it is so widespread and many choices, so there are opportunities in determining the sequence of combinations of text and indirectly putting pressure on the user to perform the sequence of the material (confused). It mainly occurs in large hypertext, which is still complicated by its relationship with other hypermedia. For example, navigation can be started with the dilation of time and then to the entropy or forwarded to TimeTunnel. Users get a lot of information but not knowledge, because the structure of the information neglected due to the lack of directional navigation. Hence the need, it is a hypertext system that was easy to reach (accessible).

2. Disorientation: The situation where the user missing stem or direction in the application of non-linear and become uncertain in location or where it is now in the application

Kaedah address:

1. Hadkan number link (links)
2. Use a visual location indicator, global or local map, etc.
3. Hold functions such as returning to ‘home’ or the main screen and automatic backtrackin

3. cognitive overload: The problem that is always associated with the use of hypertext that arise when the user is presented with too many links in a number of options or something pages, so users consequently erroneous link which should be followed and may be led to think less pleased to continue deducting aplikasi.dapat :

1. Provide a glossary of technical terms
2. Use the pop-ups for the glossary, help functions, etc.
3. Subtract the number of hypertext in something Nod

Dis-orientation and Cognitive Overload

Many hypothesize that individuals take an active role in seeking information and in dealing with various types of information in using hypertext (Bourne, 1990; Dee-Lucas & Larkin, 1995). However, there is considerable disagreement, whether hypertext is beneficial for all individuals (Dee-Lucas & Larkin, 1995; Hammond & Allinson, 1989; Jonassen & Wang, 1990; McDonald, 1998; McDonald & Stevenson, 1996; Schroeder, 1994; Spiro & Jehng, 1990). Many have shown that users of hypertext is often disappear or become confused (Batra et al, 1993;. Hammond, 1989; Hammond & Allinson, 1989; Kim & Hirtle, 1995; McDonald & Stevenson, 1996, 1999; Rouet, Levonen, Dillon, & Spiro , 1996; Smith & Wilson, 1993; Unz & Hesse, 1999). It has been suggested that hypertext, to randomize the order the author intended and cause abrupt changes in context, disorients users (McDonald & Stevenson, 1996; Unz & Hesse, 1999). Furthermore, individuals tend to ignore or omit important information, creating a fragmented knowledge (Shneiderman, 1992).

Individuals can experience disorientation in two ways: First, users may have difficulty achieving a coherent understanding of content as cognitive overload, which is known as cognitive disorientation. Another type of disorientation occurs only when users become lost in the hyper-space-do not know where they are located or where to go next (Dillon, 1996; Edwards & Hardman, 1989; McKnight, 1996). Several studies have reported that users of hypertext navigation problems such as not remembering what they have or have not read and are uncertain about where to go next (Gray, 1990; McDonald & Stevenson, 1996), and perceived cognitive overload (Macedo-Rouet, Rouet, Epstein, & Fayard, 2003), while other studies found no significant effects of computer text formats on disorientation (Eveland & Dunwoody, 2001). One study even found the opposite result in that user in the linear mode is more confused than that in the nonlinear mode for navigation tasks (Baylor, 2001). These differences should be resolved by careful scientific investigation. Therefore, in this study, efforts were made to empirically test the feelings of individuals’ disorientation when using hypertext. Thus, cognitive disorientation operationalized and measured.

As noted above, it is believed that the nonlinear nature of hypertext tends to encourage disorientation among users. In this study, paged Hypertext (PH), which shows the additional text of each hyperlink on a separate page, very similar to the hypertext format is widely used. Because of the nonlinearity, the PH is estimated to be the most confusing format different from the text scrolling, in which information is presented in plain text format linear with scroll bar on the right side that allows scrolling up and down to explore the given information.

H1: Participants who read the paged hypertext (PH) will experience more disorientation than those who read Scrolling Text (ST).

Proposed Alternative Hypertext: Extending Hypertext

In an effort to overcome the problem of disorientation, hybrid computer format text, expanding hypertext (EH), was developed (Lee, 2001). Unlike the most common format hypertext (hypertext paged) in use today, expanding hypertext is an electronic text format with hyperlinks that, when clicked, causes the designated content (eg, additional excerpts or documents) that will be included in the same page such hyperlink itself. This is different to the more general action in which clicking on the hyperlink (in a paged hypertext) will replace this page with an entirely new page. In this way, users can have detailed additional information is inserted at designated points when he clicks on the related links, maintaining a linear flow of information presentation (Lee, 2001).

Extending hypertext hypertext is designed to maintain flexibility to inter-link related information while maintaining a linear presentation of information (Lee, 2001; Lee & Tedder, 2004). It allows users to explore the system is given based on their needs and preferences while better facilitating their cognitive processes to minimize the cognitive overload caused by the non-linearity of hypertext. Therefore, the following hypotheses were tested.

H2: Participants who read Extending Hypertext (EH) will experience less disorientation than those who read PH.

Since EH was developed to address PH’s disorientation problem by combining hypertext linking capabilities with the linearity of the presentation, suspected that those who read EH will be less confused than those who read PH.

Theory of Information Processing and Sensation-seeking

Because computer-mediated communication is influenced by individual characteristics and structural design and use of system interface (MacGregor, 1999), without understanding these two aspects, development and utilization of new technologies will be very limited (Lee, 2001; Lee & Tedder, 2003, 2004, Lee , Xie, & Tedder, in press).

Dillon and Watson (1996), based on their extensive review of research on individual differences, concluded that understanding individual differences in human-computer interaction will lead to better system design. Chen, Czerwinski, and Macredie (2000) also argues that the study of individual differences in human-computer interaction may offer an effective and flexible way to accommodate differences through ongoing research and development.

One of the motivational characteristics of individuals who can affect how they process information hypertext is the need for sensation (Bardo, Donohew, & Harrington, 1996; Zuckerman, 1994). Marvin Zuckerman, in 30 years of research on sensation-seeking, found that individuals vary in the level of tendency toward sense-arousal (Zuckerman, Kolin, Price, & Zoob, 1964). Sensation-seeking is defined as a trait characterized by the need for “novel varied, and complex sensations together with the experience and willingness to take physical and social risks for the sake of such experiences” (Zuckerman, 1979, p. 10).

One of the four dimensions identified by Zuckerman (1971) is the Thrill and Adventure Seeking (TAS), also known as the adventurousness 1 (Ferguson, Valenti, & Melwani, 1991). Adventurousness pleasure associated with self-reports of risk such as new and exciting experiences, including novel information (Zuckerman, 1990). Sensation seekers tend to show a higher need for arousal than others. In this study, different text structures suspected to stimulate different individuals.

Donohew et al. (1980) postulated activation model of exposure to information. This reflects how individuals choose to process information, based on their need for cognitive and aktivasi.Perhatian depending on individual needs for stimulation by a source of information (Zillmann & Bryant, 1985). Donohew, Lorch, and Palmgreen (1998) suggest that the effectiveness of the message will depend on the tendency of the target audience ‘sensation-seeking. They found that high sensation seekers tend to be more attention to messages with a high level of tension and suspense and respond more positively than low-sensation seekers (Donohew, Lorch, & Palmgren, 1991; Palmgreen, Donohew, Lorch, & Rogus, 1991). Therefore, they concluded that the sensation value of information is an important determinant of the effects of message, especially for thrill seekers. This provides evidence that the material can produce different results, based on the characteristics of the target audience. Therefore, both the characteristics of hypertext and the user can create a form of hypertext disorientation is more or less than, or superior to another.

In this study, expanding hypertext usability tested, especially in terms of individual preferences’, and disorientation, with the given text format. It is speculated that hyperlinks in different text structures might serve as a stimulus and can be beneficial to certain individuals by providing stimulation that is uncertain or novel. For this reason, the tendency of individuals seeking sensation is expected to play a role in their exploration of computer-mediated materials. Therefore, the interaction between text format and adventurousness of participants is expected in terms of how individuals experience disorientation with various types of computer text.

In the literature address the needs of sensation or activation, it is speculated that, among individuals with lower levels of need for sensation, the PH may provide too much stimulation because of its nonlinearity, so the feeling of disorientation or frustration. Therefore, various levels of nonlinearity is represented in text format that is different may be perceived very differently by individuals with different levels of sensation seeking tendency adventure. If this happens, it is also possible that people with higher levels of need for sensation may become easily frustrated when given an environment that does not give the exact level of stimulation. Therefore, the following interaction is hypothesized.

H3: Among participants low in adventurousness, those who read PH will experience more disorientation than those who read ST, but they are high in adventurousness will not show the anticipated effects of the same text format.

H4: Among participants high in adventurousness, those who read EH will experience less disorientation than those who read ST.

Donohew et al. (1998) suggested that high message sensation value should be more attractive to high sensation seekers. In this study, it is assumed that the presentation of hyperlinks can be perceived as a stimulating factor (“high sensation value”). If so, it is logical to assume that the values of high sensation within the style of presentation of information such as hyperlinks should lead to a more positive reaction than high sensation seekers.

H5: Among highly adventurous participants, those who read PH will show higher scores on like the style of presentation than those who read ST.

H6: Among highly adventurous participants, those who read EH will show higher scores on like the style of presentation than those who read ST.

to overcome the dis-orientation occurs then there is a way, as follows

1. Eliminate bilangaan link

2. Eliminate the boring articles

3. Use the map for directions

4. Long link chain to reach relevant content

5. The existence of the “Home” or the main screen or automatic backtracking

Cognitive Overload is an excessive burden on Hypertext. Too many choices for users that merupakn link overload as shown hypertext so it will be difficult for users to want to follow a link which, eventually leading to the lack sukaan user in using web applications. Those things can be resolved in the following manner

1. The existence of a simple explorer

2. Reducing the number of Hypertext on a node

3. The existence of the help function on the web application

4. The existence of a technical glossary of terms


Explain understanding

– Software Engineering

– Agile Software Development

– Extreme Software Development


1. Software Enginering: the shape of the engineering implementation of immunization computer science and mathematics to give success / cost saving solution in solving software.

2. Agile Software Development: a group of software development methodology based on the same principles. Conceptual foundations are to be found in modern operational management approach and analysis such as lean manufacturing, methodologies of software systems, network communications approach and Six Sigma

3. Extreme Software Development: yank software development methodology based on user needs increased dengann improvements required qualities


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149. Applications Help fare Payroll Association in SAP/R3 Implementation in PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
150. Selection of Decision Support System For Local Distributor Lending Granary Area Dolog Jombang
151. Sports Information Service System Based Short Message Service (SMS) In Paramuda Fm Radio
152. Software Information Systems Tourism Travel Services
153. Final Guidance Application Design Online
154. Administration System Software Lab Test Toefl. Language STT Telkom
155. Software Development Information Systems Inventory Control PT. FDK Indonesia
156. Software Development Information System Web-Based Academic STT Telkom
157. Department of Information System Application Front Office On Web-Based Hotel Kharisma Cirebon
158. Application Tutorial How to Quickly Learn Reading Quran in Children Based Multimedia
159. 3d Modeling Software Using NURBS method
160. Decision Support System for Selection of Senior High School To Usms In STT Telkom
161. Financial Information Systems Unit at the Central Cooperative Savings and Loans In Yogyakarta Employees
162. In Information System Design Book Publisher New Light On The Web-Based Marketing
163. Decision Support System for Selection of Recipients Rice for the Poor (Raskin) Case Study: Municipality of Semarang Kelurahan Bandarharjo
164. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Monitoring of Nutritional Status of Toddlers Kab. Bandung
165. E-Commerce Information System PT. Mqs Daarut Tauhid
166. MSALES by Using MIDlet applications on CLDC devices
167. Manufacturing Business Simulation with Fuzzy Logic Method Hoxley
168. Software Development Services Information Systems Aftermarket Products CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) Ltd, Nucleus
169. Application Software Documentation Archives
170. Software Information Systems Papandayan Jakarta Hotel
171. Software Information Systems Division PT Sailing Ship In Web-Based Korindo
172. Depiction of 3D objects with Object Collection Method
173. Expert System For Health Consultation
174. Software Development Online Shop
175. Application Jobs Web-Based Information Technology
176. Software Information System Academic Administration Institute netMaster
177. Tax Administration Information System for Land and Building Web-Based Services in the Office of Land and Building Tax Bandung One
178. Software Development administration Rental Building In the Garden Culture
179. Administrative Information Systems And Maintenance Services Detainees And Prisoners
180. Text-Based Online Test Mode Using the Unix Shell Programming
181. Construction Management Software Web-Based Car Insurance in PT. Against fire
182. Membership Administration Software Web-Based Student Cooperative STTTekom Bandung
183. Software Financial Management Information System
184. Academic Information System Web-Based TPB STT Telkom
185. Designing Web-Based Information System for Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Places In West Java
186. Software Encyclopedia Fighter Jet engined American Production-Based Multimedia
187. Software Locomotive Maintenance Information System At PT. Train
188. Members Share Data Management Joint Venture (UB) Source Rejeki
189. Administration Software Development Rights on Land for Notary
190. Information Systems Software Development Sales And Inventory of Auto Parts Stores Rise In Web-Based Karangampel Jaya Motor
191. Software Logistics in Garut Regional Police Priangan
192. Web-Based Applications User Community
193. Design of Information Systems Management in Agent Newspapers and Magazines (Rajab Agency Case Bandung)
194. Student Information System for Student Activity Unit Web-Based STT Telkom
195. Construction Management Software Web-Based Vehicle Inventory At PT. Telkom Jambi Service Area
196. Medical Record Software Development Rs of Web-based Saint Joseph
197. Information System Application Software Education and Training Foundation Trustees Wiyata Use
198. Election Decision Support System for Students Through USMS In STT Telkom Line
199. Market Research Application in the Field of Telecommunications At PT. Core
200. Management Information Systems Software Parts KRL At PT. Bandung Train
201. Jewelry Sales Information System (Case Study: Damai Jaya)
202. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Monitoring Volcanic Activity Level Vulnerability of West Java Province
203. Design of Information Systems Software Inventory at PT. PINDAD Persero
204. Online Career Development Centre
205. Student Information System for Student Association STT Telkom
206. Management Information System Design and Allocation of Funds Distribution And Wallets Dhuafa Replubika Web-based Bandung
207. Web-Based Applications of Blood Banks (A Case Study in Bandung City Cab PMI)
208. Decision Support System for Selection of Candidates Akper Muhammadiyah
209. Information Systems Hotel Booking And Web-Based Payment
210. Technical Document Management Information System for Publication in The Configuration and Data Management SBU-Helicopter PT. Indonesian Aerospace
211. Booking Information Systems Software and Sales Cooperative Web-Based Employee Telkom Bogor
212. Information System for Local Government Development Activities (Case Study on the Regional Government of Demak)
213. Application Support Financial Information Systems Cafe & Restaurant Regina
214. Web-Based Information Systems Marketing PT. Pertamina (Persero) Branch I UPMS New Marketing Week
215. Application Preparation of Balance Sheet Production West Java Provincial Government for the calculation of GDP / GDP (Gross Domestic Product / Gross Regional Domestic Product)
216. Application Support Sales Information System and Warehousing in the Milky Torch Cooperative Stores
217. Post-Project Application Service on PT. Applications Ocean Indonesia (SAI)
218. Software Credit Administration at Bank Jabar Branch Sukabuni
219. House of Youth Services Information System GKPRI West Java
220. Yield Software Development Management at the Hotel Ibis Tamarin
221. Sales and Procurement Applications at Griya Women’s Boutique
222. Records Management Information System for Motor Vehicles
223. Software Applications majors for High School Students
224. Sales System Software Development and Procurement of Goods at Warehouse (Case Study on Retail Hemart Indonesia)
225. Administration Software Installation Surgery in Central Surgical Hospital Saiful Anwar Malang
226. Agricultural Commodity Market Information System Web-Based
227. Software Distribution of LPG Gas and Mineral Water at UD Karya Jaya
228. Handling Information Systems Issues for Women Victims of Violence Web-Based (A Case Study in Bandung Institute of Women’s)
229. Application Queue Settings and Dialing Patients at Outpatient Services Unit Hospital Yogyakarta Muragan
230. Application Administration and Distribution of Sales newspaper in the People’s Daily Thoughts
231. Software Services Inpatient Hospital Al Islam
232. Information Systems Inventory Control Warehouse Company ATK Rakyat Bandung Thoughts Newspapers
233. Application Sale of Goods and Savings and Loans KPN’s Ark Kencana BKKBN Tulungagung Web-Based
234. Controlling System Information Text Running Through WAP Application
235. Expert System Shell Development Classification by Decision Tree Representation
236. Application Support Financial Information System CV. Evy Beatrec
237. Asset Information Systems Production Equipment at the Central Public Sector Division II Jakarta Telkom Web-Based
238. Attendance Software Engineering Intranet PT Smart Card environment. Indosat Building Web-Based Wismantara
239. Assistant Software For Blind Computer Use
240. Cargo Information System Web-Based DFA Express Bandung
241. Check Schedule Reminders Medical Applications Based Short Message Service (SMS) in Clinical Laboratory Pramita
242. Making Information Systems Software Rental Goods on PD. New Kharizma
243. Application Monitoring Project Implementation in the CV. Applications Ocean Indonesia (SAI)
244. Software Academic Administration at the Institute for Partner Education College Mulya Computer Division
245. Perbaika Monitoring Division Order Maintenance Service Center (MSC) PT. Web-Based Telkom
246. Software Sales and Procurement in AA Motor
247. Making Software Information Systems Provision of Goods and Sales of PD. Setiadi Rubber Bandung Jaya
248. Application Design with Standard UMTS Network in Bandung
249. Warehousing Information Systems in the Office of the Director General of Customs Semarang
250. Software Kepenghunian Dormitory at STT Telkom Intranet Environment
251. The functionality of the Software Development Monitoring Network Elements in MSC PT. Telkomsel Regional IV Bandung
252. Mail Reminder Software Development Office in the PT. Telkom
253. Application Book Sales at Prime Book Store
254. Marketing Software printing PT. Work We Bandung
255. Information Systems Orphanage Orphans Hope Park Muhammadiyah Web Based on Stone Fruit
256. Application Administration and Institutions of Learning Tutoring Nurul Fikri Bandung Web-Based
257. Software Administration Emergency Hospital Al Islam
258. Expert System Application and Selection Printers Monitors For Customer in hexa COMPUTER
259. Administrative Software and Student Placement Test at LBPP LIA Web-Based
260. Construction Project Management Software (Software Project Management) Web-Based
261. Installation of Software Magazine and Newspaper Ads Online Advertising Yogyakarta on CV Citama
262. Application Mobile Shop (Shop Mobile) with WAP-Based Cellular Shop Case Studies
263. Track Reporting Software
264. Supply and Sales Applications Computer & Accessories Web-Based
265. Software Information Sheet Employment Web-Based West Java Province
266. Application Service Provider and Consultancy Booking Travel Hajj and Umrah at. Rama Tours & Travel Web-Based
267. Application Support WAP-Based Income Tax Payment on Tax Office in Bandung
268. Security Systems Shipping Short Message Service (SMS) based Java on Cell Phones
269. Tutoring Applications Web-Based Distance
270. Supporting Web Application Competency-Based Human Resource Management in Bank Mandiri Jakarta
271. Expert System Akupressure
272. Toefl Test Application On Line pad Language Laboratory Web-Based STT Telkom
273. Try Out Online Application Development SNCA
274. Web-Based Reporting Application Management Case Studies: Sub-Directorate of Telecommunications and MIDI Marketing Group. Indosat
275. Software Development Management of Medicines and Medical Devices in Pharmacies Mega Farma Singkawang
276. Teaching Tool Dreadlocks hairstyle
277. Application of Dynamic Web-based Islamic Catalog
278. Transaction Processing Information System Web-Based Life Insurance on AJB Bumiputera 1912
279. Students Application Results Psikotest STT Telkom Bandung
280. Participant Data Management Software Skills Test on Quality Improvement Subdinas Manpower and Full Employment Web-Based (A Case Study in the Office of Manpower and Transmigration West Java)
281. Application Calculating Credit Points for submission of promotion Teacher (Case Study in Regional Education Service Kot Solok)
282. Development Administration Software Installation Poly Eye Outpatient Dr. Haryoto Lumajang
283. Supporting Applications Cutting Livestock Special Survey of West Java Province
284. Application Short Message Service (SMS) to Support Electricity Billing Information Service Case Study. PLN Persero Bandung
285. Software for Learning (Junior High School Physics Lesson Case Study)
286. Software Development Medical Checkup RS ST. Borromeo Bandung
287. Software Web-Based Report Obligatory on the Office of Manpower and Transmigration
288. Software Information Systems Division of Personnel Department of Transportation West Java Province
289. Budget Processing Software Financial District Education Office Compassionate
290. Asset Utilization Information System Secretariat General Ministry of National Education Web-Based
291. Promise Maker System Lecturers and Students with Technology Web and WAP
292. Application Delivery Medical Report to the Short Message Service (SMS) and Email at the Laboratory of Clinical Prodia
293. Work Permit Extension Application Expatriate (IKTA) Web-Based
294. Design and Implementation of Information Systems SNCA Computer Telephony Integration-Based STTTelkom
295. WAP-Based Electricity Billing Information Case Study at PT. PLN (Persero) Bandung South
296. Customer Service System for Orlen Car Wash PT. Orlen Prima Sejahtera
297. Electronic Book Web-Based Learning of Natural Sciences Grade 6 Elementary School Chapter of Living Things
298. Ticket Booking Application Cineplex Cinema 21 Bandung-based WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
299. Core Partnership Application of Plasma on Web-Based Cooperative Poultry
300. Schedule Reminders Booking Application and Clinic Visits Natasha Skin Care Face Care Bandung Using SMS Service
301. IQ Test WAP-Based Applications
302. Supporting Application Security Inspection Results (Case Study: Clinical Laboratory Sigma Galatika Indonesia)
303. Guidance Software Mandatory Prayer for Youth-Based Multimedia
304. Software Control font size and Bills (Waspat) Web-Based Finance Division at PT. Telkom Bogor
305. Schedule Application Information Service, Value and WAP-Based Registration
306. Mobile Ticket Reservation Citilink Garuda Indonesia
307. Booking Application Development On Line Food and Drink in Bandung with Pizza Hut WAP
308. Web-Based Applications and Scholarship Information Via SMS
309. Supporting Application Survey Economic Indicators of West Java Province
310. Software Data Management Vegetable Production Centre at the Department of Agriculture and Food Crops in West Java (Case Studies in the Department of Agriculture and Food Plants of West Java)
311. Supporting Applications Information Systems Inventory Control System (ICS) Part Books on Alifa Moslem’s Shopping Center
312. Data Management Software Fund SPP Bandung SMU Negeri 1 Web-Based
313. Application Short Message Service (SMS) Information Film and Cinema Ticket Booking
314. Application Processing Laboratory of Microbiology Hospital DR M Djamil Padang
315. Application Data Management Officer PT. Asean Aceh Fertilizer Web-Based
316. Application Inventory Goods Production Needs at Logistics Department PT. Asean Aceh Fertilizer Web-Based
317. Applications Markom Administration (Marketing and Communications) A Case Study in Bandung DSUQ Zakat House
318. Application Calculation of Motor Vehicle Tax in Regional Tax Office UPTD SAMSAT Region III Kotabumi Lampung Province in North Lampung
319. Application for Ministry of Information and Reminders Participants Qurban-Based Short Message Service (SMS) in the Division of Case Study Houses Qurban DSUQ Zakat Indonesia Bandung Center
320. Web Service Provider Submission Credit Card Validation Service
321. Application Administration Web-Based Library SMU Negeri 1 Bandung
322. Payroll Systems Applications Case Studies in CV. Delta Jaya Surabaya
323. Scholarship Management Applications Education Division in the House of Zakat Indonesia DSUQ Web-Based
324. Design and Implementation of Financial Applications Kopma STT Telkom
325. Software Information Systems To Support Web-Based Cimahi Police Curanmor
326. Design and Implementation of Application Service Meals Delivery Service Booking J2ME Case Study Based on Hoka – Hoka Bento
327. Use of E-Commerce Application Adidas Sale
328. Academic Information Systems Software Web-Based S2 STT Telkom
329. Expert System for Diagnosis of Patients with HIV / AIDS
330. Monitoring Software Population Growth in Sub Polokarto
331. Application fee pricing in the Company Cargo Cargo Royal Brunei in Denpasar Bali
332. Applications Using SMS Service Subscription Newspapers (A Case Study in Business Partner (Group Mind))
333. Design and Implementation of Application-Based Info Service Telkom WAP Technology Case Study at PT. Indonesia Telecommunications Division III STO Dago
334. Application Services Information and Booking Flights Schedule Departure at. Pahala Kencana Bandung-based SMS
335. Taxi Booking System by Using SMS
336. Monitoring Software Delivery Package Pad CV. Bandung Express
337. Application Case Study for Income Tax Administration Tax Office Tasikmalaya
338. Foster Brother Movement Information System BMT Al Amin STT Telkom
339. Check Registration Application Medical Hospital PKG Using SMS Service
340. Operational and Financial Software in Design Look
341. SPPD Management Applications (Travel Order) Case Study. Indonesia Telecommunications Division V Kandatel Madison
342. Application Management Meeting Room at the Grand Hotel Preanger
343. Book Creation Tools Student report cards are equipped Decision Support System Rank Ordering Cijoho II Elementary School Brass
344. Application Administration ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq, Endowments) Case Study Houses Zakat DSUQ Bandung
345. Cigarette Distributing Web-Based Applications at PT. Panamas Malang
346. Population Registration Application and Web-Based Population Document Printing
347. Software Rental and Sale of Goods Administration in Hospital Employees Cooperative Bayukarta (Kopkar RSB)
348. SMS Applications to Support Services and the Value of Information in the Faculty of Science Lecture Schedule Unesa
349. Application Transaction Management in Bandung Theodore.co
350. Determination Application Classes and Programs Students Increase SMAN 1 Bandung
351. Application Maintenance and Information Services and Accessories Car Body Repairs in Web-based Forum for Auto Care
352. Railway Ticket Booking System Executive and the Argo Willis Turangga SMS Based in Bandung Hall Station
353. Vehicle Inventory Management System of PT. Kandatel Telkom Bandung
354. Car Rental Booking Application HAFA Yogyakarta with the Web and WAP Services
355. Software Applications for Membership and Inventory Data Management Unit Student Racana Soedirman
356. Financial Data Processing Application Store Business Finance Agency Muslim (BKM) Web-Based STT Telkom
357. Data Management System for Value-Based SLTPN 1 Tulungagung Web and SMS
358. Admissions Application STT Telkom Via WAP
359. Software for Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim Payment Page. Insurance Berdikari Bandung
360. Auxiliary Application Scheduling Order Product Distribution in the PT. Sampoerna Transport Nusantara Web-Based
361. Application Calculation of Zakah on Mobile Devices Using J2ME
362. Population Data Collection Software in West Java, Central Bureau of Statistics
363. Airplane Ticket Booking via SMS
364. Group Decision Support System for Selection of Outstanding Students of STT Telkom with Promethee Method
365. Application Data Administration Cane Sugar Mill Plantation New Tersana
366. SME Web Community Band STT Telkom
367. Boarding Schools Portal Web Application Shiddiqiyyah Jombang
368. Budget Monitoring System Realization and Performance of Work in Program Rehap PT. Telkom Kandatel East Jakarta
369. Supporting Web Applications Course (D3 Case Studies Department of Information STT Telkom)
370. Application Search Nearest Distance Located Tourism Around the User-Based WAP (Case Study: Regional Tourist Visits in Bandung)
371. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of West Java Tourism
372. Via SMS Payment Gateway
373. Festive Devices Multimedia-Based Learning to Play Guitar
374. Clean Water Pipeline Mapping PDAM Bandung District Bojonegara Case Study on the Regional Water Company Bandung
375. Web-Based Applications Tel69 (Case Study in Blitar Kancatel)
376. Software Development Administration WAP-Based rehearsal STT Telkom
377. Software for Web-Based Administration Warkom Data Case Study. Telkom Jakarta Pusat
378. Reservation Software Hotel Shangri La WAP-Based
379. Business Applications Partnership UFO (UFO BKB) Web-Based
380. Case Tool Software Normalization Scheme
381. Decision Support System Priority Determination Criteria Quality Private Colleges
382. Design And Implementation Library System Based On J2ME Mobile Media Using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
383. City Navigation System Using GPS
384. Student Final Project Knowledge Management and Ontology-Based Semantics (2005-on Progress)
385. Strategic Planning Decision Support System for Promotion Marketing DLD
386. Decision Support System for Relief Funds For Student Organizations at STT Telkom

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